Finn Hill History

September 16, 2012

Anne Fleming Shares Memories of her Uncle Paul and Aunt Helen Kirk’s Farm on Finn Hill    I have many happy memories of visiting my Uncle Paul and Aunt Helen and cousins Chris and Hannah at their home on Finn Hill in the 1950s and 1960s when I was a young girl. They owned acreage (30 acres?) on top of Finn Hill, with a sweeping view of Lake Washington and Mount Rainier. Uncle Paul designed and built their home in 1947 or 1948. Paul used to say that the ol’ chicken coop that used to be on the property inspired the design of the home…One thing that I remember created quite a stir in the county planning dept, was when Paul first proposed to subdivide his Finn Hill acreage to create ‘Finn Hill Meadows’ (1980s?). His unique design included 1 acre circular lots, clustered in groups of three, with common area pasture open space in between each lot—a very unusual and revolutionary idea to…[read more about Anne Fleming’s Memories of Uncle Paul Kirk on Finn Hill

Does anyone have photos dating back to the Kirk farm on the corner of 84th Ave and 124thSt on top of Finn Hill?  Please leave a comment or write me at kathyschuler at hotmail dot com

Blackberry Preserves Issue from the Kirkland Heritage Society
The Kirkland Heritage Society produces a very informative newsletter for members and for those interested in Kirkland’s past. Loita Hawkinson is the Editor. The recent issue is  2012 vol 19 issue 4 & 5 – July-October 2012. Remember the Triple J, now Zoka’s on the corner at Lake and Central Way in Kirkland?  Well there is a very interesting article inside this recent newsletter about the first business in that building – MacDougall’s opened their business there in 1948.

Three Daughters of First Generation on Finn Hill
It was a rainy day last February that several us sat down for coffee with three special ladies who talked about the early, very early Finn Hill years.  Loita Hawkinson of the Kirkland Historical Society was there taking several pictures. She took notes and received copies of several historical papers that will become part of the Finn Hill archives.  Mrs. Doris Raine Snow who lives on Finn Hill, Sandy Haug, who works with the Nordic Heritage Museum in Ballard. Kay Lindquist-Leary lives in Kenmore but lived for a very long time on Finn Hill.

Sandy Haug

Doris Raine-Snow and Kay Linquest-Leary

Presentation on Finn Hill by Doris Snow at the FinnFest, Univ of Wash. 1999 This is a wonderful story starting in December 1903 when her paternal grandparents set sail from Helsinki for America. Her family bought 10 acres on for $300 and were the first family to build on what is now Finn Hill.  She says, “There were approximately 50 Finnish households located on the main section of the hill, a few Estonians and only one family who was what we called “the English people”.  The Finns had 5 and 10 acres of land. They raised turkeys, chickens, sold eggs and strawberries, blackcaps, grapes and had fruit trees.  Everyone had a cow or two….”


3 Responses to Finn Hill History

  1. denise sparks says:

    This is a wonderful find. I’ve been looking for information on the history of Finn Hill for several years. About 5 years ago I spied a poster-sized map of Finn Hill’s history at Sandburg Elementary. I should have taken a picture of it. When I finally got around to asking about it, it was gone, and no one remembers it. The map included both sides of Juanita Drive.

    Are the books and transcripts mentioned above available to the public? My family would love to read them. Thank you.

  2. Joan says:

    My mother, her four sisters and brother grew up on Finn Hill, in the 1920’s. I was there a few times as a child in the 1950’s. I remember my grand-parent’s tiny house that included an out-house ! My mother’s name was Violet Carlson. Her sisters names were Elsie, Lily, Helen and Florence. Her brother’s name was John.

  3. The Dooley's says:

    The poster-sized map you saw at Sandburg El is probably the same one my son and I purchased at the Kingsgate Library several years ago. If I were looking for a copy, I’d start there.

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