About Juanita Heights Park

Facts about Juanita Heights Park located on Finn Hill, Kirkland WA:




2018 May The Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance sent a letter to the City committing to pay the $50k share of the Richter two parcels located in the center of Juanita Heights Park. The purchase price is on an installment basis: $25k at closing (expected to occur in June or July), another $12.5k at the end of the year and the final $12.5k by the end of 2019. The parcels are located in the smallest red square in the image below.  PDF Letter to the City of Kirkland. jheights potential2

2018 May  Tentative arrangements by the city and landowner to purchase two parcels for $95,000, subject to completing a written agreement with FHNA on reimbursing the City for one-half ($47,500) of the purchase amount. The action is pending a proposal submitted to the City Council on June 5: The area is identified as “1 acre” on the attached map.

2018 February 6  protecting open space from future development was the priority of City Council members when they voted at their February 6 meeting to purchase 4.1 acres of land for the price of $620,000, to nearly double the size of Juanita Heights Park. The added 4.1 acres consists of undeveloped and forested open space, and contains informal trails connecting to the trail system within the existing park. Expansion of Juanita Heights Park has been part of a discussion on a comprehensive park acquisition plan in order to preserve and protect the existing forest, and is identified in the City’s adopted Parks, Recreation, and Open Space (PROS) Plan. read more Kirkland Views

2017 November 17 Paul Wu, landowner of 4.23 acres located southeast of Juanita Heights park has signed an agreement with FHNA giving FHNA or its designee a 3 year option to acquire 4.1 acres adjacent to the park.  Acquisition 4.2 area pdf

2017 (2018 distribution)- application for $250,000 Conservation Futures grant application for Juanita Heights expansion and trail project

2016 (2017 distribution)– application for $135,000 Conservation Futures  grant application_Juanita Heights

2015 (2016 distribution) – application for $150,000 Conservation Futures Grant Application (6 parcels v3)

July 25, 2014 The Colacurcio Family sold their parcel #0460 of  7,166 feet,  (Acre = 43 560 Sq Ft) adjacent to Juanita Heights Park, to the City of Kirkland for 10K.  more

March 19, 2013 the City of Kirkland purchased 6 parcels ( 2.3 acres) adjacent to the park. The park is now 67% larger.

2013 Council approves land purchase; Extends Juanita Heights Park by 2+ acres.  Council Packet 03192013 March 15, 2013

2013 Kirkland Reporter: Council approves land purchase, extends Juanita Heights Park by 2+ acres. March 21, 2013

2013 Kirkland Patch: UPDATE: City Council Ratifies Purchase of 2.3 Acres of Finn Hill Woodlands, March 19, 2013

2013 Kirkland Views: Kirkland Council approves land purchase; Extends Juanita Heights Park by 2+ acres, March 20, 2013

2013 awarded in 2014– application for $197,562  Conservation Futures Grant for Warsinski parcels

June 30, 2011 the City of Kirland Purchased 2 parcels in an estate settlement with the Nystrand family. parcels 0372 and 0371 each for 10K.  The parcels area each at 4,582 sq ft.  The additional 9,164 sq ft feet are connected to Juanita Heights park.


Park additionsNotes:

  1. Juanita Heights Park was transferred to Kirkland WA following the annexation on June 1, 2011
  2. The park is located at NE 124th st and 89th PL NE Kirkland WA 98034
  3. The park faces the East side of Finn Hill. Neighbors indicate King County bulldozed a 1/4 mile walking trail in 1986 and named the park Juanita Heights.  A neighbor made a video of the making of the trail and park.
  4. 1986 the original park acreage was 3.45 acres.
  5.  May 16, 2011 the Nystrand acquisition of 2 parcels added 9,164 sq ft feet to the park.
  6. March 19, 2013 the Wersinske acquisition of 6 parcels added 2.31 acres to the park.
  7. July 2014 the acquisition of the Colacurcio parcel added 7,166 sq ft to the park.
  8. A 1/4 mile hiking trail loops through the park.
  9. The park is heavily wooded and has a number of significant trees: Douglas-Fir, Big Leaf Maple, Red Cedar and Western Hemlock.
  10. There are no amenities in the park: trash cans, public restrooms, or picnic shelters.
  11. There are two white-striped parking spaces at the entrance to the park.
  12. Access to the park is down a steep set of stairs off the 89th pl ne cul de sac.
  13. The Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance at their January 2014 planning meeting voted to pursue the acqusition of 8.23 acres of woodland adjacent to the park.  Plans are to engage the city, county and state for funding.

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