Party in the Park Sunday June 24

Pictures from the Neighborhood Juanita Heights Party in the Park Sunday June 24



Paul Wu sharing a few thoughts

From the Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance:

Dear Finn Hill neighbors and friends:

This is just a reminder that we’re having a party on Sunday, June 24, from 3-4pm
at the cul de sac of 89th Place on Goat Hill. We’re celebrating two recent acquisitions of property that expand Juanita Heights Park on eastern Finn Hill by nearly 5 acres – and move us another step closer to creating our Billy Goat Trail from the top of the hill to Juanita Beach. You are invited!

King County Council member Rod Dembowski and several Kirkland City Council members – all of whom made these land purchases possible – will join us. We’ll have free ice cream and lead tours into the new areas of the park. Stop by to hear how we plan to create a Green Loop of parks around Finn Hill. Learn how you can help.

You can get to the party by driving up Goat Hill (near the pump station across Juanita Drive, about a block west of Juanita Beach Park). It’s a narrow road to the top – so drive with care. OR you can take a nice 10 minute hike from the trailheads on 124th and 89th Place on the north side of the park. See map below. The trails are marked. They’re hilly but not super steep and the woods are beautiful.
The party is at the cul de sac of 89th Place on the south side of the park. Trailheads are on the north side – see arrows pointing to the 124th Street cul de sac (future main entrance to park) and the 89th Place cul de sac (on north side). Follow trail markers to the event.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow afternoon!

Board of Directors
Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance

Kirkland Reporter article on Party in the Park

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