Conservation Futures Trust Grant Application/Tour 2015

On March 18, 2015, the Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance (FHNA) helped write and submit a grant, in collaboration with the Director of Kirkland Parks, to  King County Conservation Futures . The grant is intended for the purchase of land to the south of Juanita Heights Park for preservation and the eventual goal of a trail connecting Juanita to Finn Hill.

FHNA and a contingent of Goat Hill residents identified about 27 wooded parcels on Goat Hill.  We wrote letters to all landowners inquiring whether they are interested in selling or donating land.  Several responded yes.  As the “Juanita Heights Park Expansion and Trails Project” unfolds, we anticipate the park will grow.  FHNA’s goal is to preserve, protect and reclaim wooded parcels left on Finn Hill.

Juanita Heights park is considered a “passive open space” park i.e., left in a natural state with low impact use, and so will any additional parcels added to the park. A copy of the grant application is here, 2015 Conservation Futures Application (6 parcels v3).

Today we had the walk-through tour with the Conservation Futures staff.  Frankly, it was so fast I’m not sure it really happened. But, it is part of the grant process and the day couldn’t have been sunnier and more beautiful.

Thank you to each one of you who wrote a letter of support.  The Conservation Futures staff took these letters today as support for this project.  Thank YOU.

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