Is there a Pileated Woodpecker in Juanita Heights?

pileated woodpeckerIf anyone should see a pileated woodpecker in Juanita Heights Park will you take a picture and post it or send it to kathyschuler at hotmail dot com ?  If you can share approximately where you saw the bird either on or off the trail, and at what tree, that will be helpful.

The pileated is the only bird able to excavate deep into hard, dead wood due to their powerful neck and massive beak.

Their deep square/oval excavations on trees and logs are quite distinctive, giving us solid evidence of where this remarkable critter lives….read more

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4 Responses to Is there a Pileated Woodpecker in Juanita Heights?

  1. Linda Hoke says:

    Kathy, I live east of the park on 93rd Place NE, and north of 124th Street. I put out suet and have seen adult male and female Piliated woodpeckers at my suet feeders multiple times over the years. My yard backs up to a native growth easement, which continues along our little creek, and toward the ridge of Finn Hill. Often you can hear them before you see them – they have an almost hysterical sound, louder than a flicker.

  2. Kathy Schuler says:

    Linda, thank you for letting me know. The Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance is engaged in trying to save the remaining forest, 8.23 acres, on south and east Finn Hill. One of the projects we will launch is a wildlife study to show this small remaining native habitat is rich with bird and animal life. If you ever have a chance to get a picture of the woodpeckers, please send me the jpeg. I’m at the top of 124th and 89th PL NE right where 124th on Finn Hill deadends.

  3. ken caldwell says:

    I just purchased 2 acres adjacent to the greenbelt on 93rd also. I saw a Pileated woodpecker about 2 weeks ago on my property. I will keep my camera handy. By the way I saw two dear there yesterday, that I think is common? I would be very interested in the effort to save those 8 acres as this is a great little greenbelt. I have even seen a big buck dear at the Juanita Bay park.
    Just found this site checking into Juanita Heights Park.

    • Kathy Schuler says:

      Thanks Ken, I’ll be in touch. The Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance has a small working group of people exploring connectivity across the greenbelts, easements, parks and open spaces from Juanita Beach up to Finn Hill. We are looking for a conservationist – naturalist who can help write up the status on the wildlife, flora, fauna, geology and surface water on this side of the hill. These reports help in applying for grants and/or funding to purchase available land. Most of the land that is left on this side of Finn Hill is in high landslide areas. Again, I’ll be in touch, we have a meeting next week on Market St., to discuss connectivity and open space on Finn Hill. Anyone interested in preserving the little natural-native land that is left in this dense urban area should definitely be there. Email me.

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