Crisp and Cold November Days

nov planting2We are in the mid-20s at night and through the morning for the last 3-4 days.  The ground isn’t frozen but the native plants still in pots are not happy.  Today about 10 Trilliums and 20 or so Deer and Maidenhair Ferns went in near the stream on the west side of the loop trail.  The ground was very soft and extremely easy to dig.  This stream runs under the trail west to east.  There is a natural arc over the stream formed by a tree trunk, right now its dressed up with licorace ferns suspended like fairy wings. It’s an enchanting view into the woods from this arc and it is right on the trail.  cai in park

It was a brilliantly bright sunny day. Many walkers were in the park today, I met Cai who walks the park frequently.  She is from China and has lived in the area for over 25 years. Sometimes people are a little hesitant to walk down the stairs and into the park, especially if it is their first time.  It is pretty clear that there is quite a bit of restoration work underway in this park.  So the impression is that people walk the park and it is cared for. Indeed it is, this is really a busy neighborhood park.

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