Last 2014 Workparties: EarthCorps Oct 18; EAS Students Oct 23; Green Kirkland Oct 25

EARTHCore3 october 2014EARTHCore Mulch october 2014

In October we will plant over 500 plants in the park. Saturday October 18, EarthCorps will be in the park from 10:00 AM to 2:00. They will be leading the planting of over 400 trees, shrubs and ground cover in the clearing west of the entry steps.  They will apply two 5-gallon pails of mulch around every plant. This area was cleared twice of dense blackberries in March and June by the Environmental and Adventure School students.  Then, during last month’s Green Kirkland work party we cleared the blackberry sprouts that grew over the summer.  Why is there a large clearing in the middle of what should be a woodland of Doug Fir, Cedar and Big Leaf Maple?  The family who built the A-frame in the mid-70s just above the clearing owned this land.  The clearing you see right now was forest 30 years ago, it went up in smoke to keep the family warm over the years! In 2014 we will restore it to what it was!  UPDATE:  Great Turnout 492 plants in the ground, more here about the event on the Green Kirkland Facebook page.

Next Planting:  Thursday, October 23, 11:00  AM to 2:00 PM Environmental and Adventure School, join if you can.

Final planting and work party for the year:  Saturday, October 25, 9:00AM  to 11:00 AM  join if you can. We need to plant about 115 trees, shrubs and ground cover east of the stairs.  Come help if you can for as long as you can!

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