Neighbors from 89th PL Work in the Park

June 2014 work party

June 2014 work party

89th Place neighbors spent a couple of hours in the park Saturday morning. We split up into two work areas. You know the really muddy area along the east side of the loop where sometimes the trail is still wet in mid-August?  John and Scott cleared a trench along the wet trail and found the culverts completely blocked. The water had no where to go on its way down the east slope except across the trail. Now, we’ll be able to keep the culverts clear and walk the trail especially in the winter. Thanks guys! What a trench.

While that was underway, the rest of us constructed a good size ivy raft and began to clear ivy near the steps. There are about 10 ivy rafts along the park’s north side. I noticed ivy growing on a few rafts which means the ivy bundles were not secured tightly before tossing. We’ll have to walk the north side of the park and pull the ivy strands we missed as well as deal with ivy rooted on some of the rafts.

Thanks everyone for your help today!  I’m taking July and August off so there are no last Saturday of the month work parties the next couple of months. See you in the fall when we’ll plant all the open space we cleared.  Enjoy your summer!

Mickelson Family

Mickelson Family

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