April Work Party Removing Ivy

April workparty John, AJ, Megan and Mariah

April Workparty John, AJ, Megan and Mariah

Five us spent a sunny morning removing ivy from the park.  We worked in Section 2 on the restoration map, an area down from the stairs and to the north of the trail.  This particular area has had a lot of invasive removal attention. A professional work crew removed blackberries and planted over a 100 natives last September.  This past March about 10 students spent almost 5 hours removing ivy and building rafts to dry the ivy vine bundles.

John and AJ Launch an Ivy Carpet Roll on a Raft to Dry

John and AJ Launch an Ivy Carpet Roll on a Raft to Dry

Megan, our good friend of the park returned to work. Mariah, a junior at Juanita HS dropped by to work and loved this jewel of a park. Also helping out for the first time was AJ a student from UW.  He had so much fun he plans on bringing some frat members out for a workparty!  My good friend and neighbor John was there, he knows more than I do about the park.  He has left over 20 years of footprints in this park.

John and AJ worked the gentle slope area. Together they created a carpet roll of ivy, rolling it down the slope hooking ivy vines into the bundle and eventually lifting and dropping the bundle on a raft.

Maria, Megan and I removed embedded vines remaining in an already cleared area.  This particular area we are working in had a work party in March.  The easy surface ivy vines were removed but there is a spider web of vines beneath the surface, so now we have to go over parts of this cleared area all over again.

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