All Ages Join November Native Planting Work Party

On Saturday we had the last work party that I will organize for the year. It’s been a successful year clearing out a significant amount of ivy. We planted all of the remaining Megan work party 11-30-201350+ plants during the morning. Two volunteers, Terry and Michelle Tanaka (below), planted the sedge and rush along the seep banks. We had about 15 small grass plants that had to go in this muddy – boggy area. I know they will all live and grow strong because of the care that went into placing this native grass. Terry sunk to the top of his boots. He and his daughter Michelle carefully dug and placed each sedge and rush plant. Megan (left), Jessica, Gale, Terry, Tom, Greg and I dug the holes and planted the remaining natives. We managed to clear about 100 feet of ivy before we finished. All that is left to do for this year’s restoration is to move the mulch from the park entrance into the newly planted area.  Katie Cava, from the city, who works with all park stewards will have college students move the mulch on Monday.Thanks for the super support by Collins and Katie for providing tools. A big thank you to our neighborhood businesses, QFC for the cookies and Monti, owner of the Finn Hill Shell, for donating drinking water.

Michelle3 work party 11-30-2013

Group at work party 11-30-2013

Faith at QFC, Thank You!
Faith at QFC, Thank You!
Monti at Finn Hill Shell, Thank You!

Monti at Finn Hill Shell, Thank You!

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