A Beautiful Fall Day Ivy Pulling, Planting Trees, Shrubs and Groud Cover

We had a beautiful fall day in the park on Saturday, October 26. Eight, 89th PL NE neighbors worked for an hour pulling ivy out of about 300 sq ft in the center trail-loop area. We spent the last hour planting trees, shrubs and ground cover in section 02. We have cleared about 3000 sq ft of ivy this summer in the 02 restoration area.

Collins Klemm, from the City of Kirkland, did the heavy work today. We have a huge wood chip mulch pile, about 3 cubic yards, in front of the park. He filled buckets of wood chips, walked them down the steps, filled up three wheel borrows and brought them over the work area. Thanks Collins, because that was a lot of work. We dug the holes, planted the trees so that they are just below ground level, then mulched a ring around them leaving the trunk area free of wood chips. It was a great day pulling ivy and planting about 50 plants. We still have about 50 to plant at our November 30th work party. Come on over and work off your turkey and dressing!! Thank you for all your work today 89th PL NE neighbors: DeLynn, Karen and Jay Ellis, John Baily, Gale Cuthbert,Tom Karston and his grandson Greg.

DeLynn work party 10-26-2017Karen workparty 10-26-2013Gale and Jay at Work Party Oct 26

Carlos at Plaza Garcia with our thanks for the great soppapillas

Carlos at Plaza Garcia with our thanks for the great soppapillas

Thanks for the donation from Plaza Garcia, our favorite neighborhood Mexican restaurant.  Carlos, we loved the great soppapillas today! 

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