August 31 Work Party – Great Turnout!

Lyndsey Nelson 8-31-13 WorkpartyGreat Day in the Park!

Saturday, August 31, was a great day in the park. There were 17 volunteers pulling the remaining ivy out of the section we started last July. The big difference with the ivy pulling this month is that we couldn’t carpet roll the ivy. Instead, an ivy vine could be more or less 20+ feet long tangled in understory. On Saturday we were pulling the remaining ivy stem by stem out of the boggy area in section 02 of the management and restoration map. Because we had to pick our way around the understory we found ourselves balling up the ivy and tossing it over the shrubs to a crew on the trail.

John Neighbor 8-31-13 WorkpartyWe had understory shrubs of salmonberry, Indian plum, Mahonia  and a lot of red huckleberry. The ivy crept along the ground underneath the shrubs. We split up into work groups with one team approaching the wet mucky seep from the south another group approached the seep from the north.

bobWe met ankle deep in mud. We then headed west and pulled out all the ivy we could see. The timing was perfect because of the dry conditions for removing ivy from this boggy area, we are at the end of our summer.  Next month when the rains come, it will be difficult to work in the park’s seeps.

Scott Nelson 8-31-13 WorkpartySack Overflow 8-31-13 Workparty

We cleared about 47 feet along the west trail and about 37 feet deep into the woods. We tried overlapping 5 burlap bags as ivy compost beds but the ivy just rolled, so we ended up building ivy rafts.

Thanks to everyone who helped.  You were just terrific. Thanks to Curt & Shari Dooley, John Bailey, Nick Strand, Rick Cline, Lindsey, Scott & Diane Nelson, Trevor Klaho,  Andrew Shery, Viran Mandala, Joel, Jeffrey & Daryl Maxwell, Bob Gerrish, Charlotte Goldsmith, Kevin & Kathy Schuler.

We had a great two hours of working together.  At the end everyone enjoyed Plaza Garcia’s soppapillas.

Carlos at Plaza Garcia with our thanks for the great soppapillas

Carlos at Plaza Garcia with our thanks for the great soppapillas

Thanks to Carlos and Plaza Garcia for donating the treat!

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