Juanita Heights Park Grows 67%

This is big, big news for our small park!

The City of Kirkland Approved the Acquisition of 6 Parcels to Expand Juanita Heights Park – March 19, 2013  Adding to Juanita Heights Park is important because the park is located in the midst of an endangered green belt on the eastern side of Finn Hill, which lacks protected open space. It’s vital to do everything we can to set aside properties on this side of the hill for recreational use.

The Juanita Heights Park_Warsinske Acquisition_March 2013 request by Kirkland Parks and Community Services was approved.This acquisition will expand the park’s footprint by 2/3 and provide an entry point at the end of 124th street,vastly improving accessibility. The cost of the property is $666k, a portion of which will be funded from the new park levy that voters approved last year.

On Tuesday, March 19, the City Council considered the recommendation from the Parks Department and the Parks Board to purchase 2.16 acres of open space adjacent to Finn Hill’s Juanita Heights Park. In case you didn’t know, Juanita Heights Park sits on the southeastern brow of Finn Hill, overlooking Juanita Beach and the lake. It’s a great little park, about 3.5 acres, but is little known because the only access is via a circuitous route snaking from 124th Street to 88th Place and then to the cul de sac at the end of 89th Place. More on the Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance website. Also see the article in the Kirkland Views and Kirkland Reporter

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One Response to Juanita Heights Park Grows 67%

  1. The Dooley's says:

    FYI, the aquisition of property includes a chalet-style house that has been rented out by the City of Kirkland until further expansion of the park is on their radar. While technically within the park, the house is to be considered private property and, at this time, there is no park access via the driveway at the end of 124th. I am the tenant of that home and ask that residents respect our privacy. We are absolutely on board with the desire to remove invasive plant species and replace them with native plants and will be doing our part toward that goal with plantings, and with participating in park clean ups.

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