Moving Through the Morning in the Park

Nodding Onion WestTrail

Nodding Onion West Trail

Nodding Onion EastTrail

Nodding Onion East Trail

Well this small park is magical drapped in mist and fog this Saturday morning. It is so quiet.The earthy smell of the damp decaying leaves from the Big Leaf Maple is almost visible. Every tree has a universe of life growing on it. There are great drifts of moss covering bark as far as you can see. I spent a couple of hours pulling ivy and planting two patches of Nodding Onions Allium cernuum seeds. The seeds came from the Green Kirkland Steward Program, they have a nursery at McAuliffe Park on 116th Street in Kirkland. Every time I come here on a day like today I plan to spend a half hour and end up staying and exploring 2 hours. One of my all time favorite movies is Cocoon a 1985 science fiction film directed by Ron Howard. A walk in the park is about rejuvenation, so is this film. Henry David Thoreau said, the complexity of life is simplified with a walk in the park!

BranchCircleWhat a Find! I bumped into the most unusal branch. Take a look at this full-circle tree branch.

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