EarthCorps Maps the Park

Juanita_Heights_01-25-13Back on December 7th the Green Kirkland program funded the mapping of Juanita Heights Park by EarthCorps.  This mapping is part of the restoration and rehabilitation plan for the park. The mapping enables the city to record systematically the work completed in the park. Drop down and read the December post about mapping the park.  “Seattle based EarthCorps trains emerging environmental leaders from across the United States and Around the World and engages more than 14,000 volunteers each year to restore natural areas around The Puget Sound region.” from the EarthCorps site.

The purple areas have already had some restoration work, mainly pulling ivy or planting native trees and shrubs.  The 1/4 mile loop path is the dotted line.  We are forming a weekend volunteer team to spend a couple of hours pulling the ivy out of the center of the loop path. Or, if during the week is better for you and you are interested in helping to pull ivy please email me kathyschuler @ hotmail dot com I’ll be in touch.

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