Oscar Drops Off a Park Holiday Gift

Oscar_KirklandParksHello neighbors and friends of the park.  Meet Oscar Chavez from Kirkland Parks and Community Service.  He stopped by today to unload a truck full of dirt.  Within the next couple of weeks the City will landscape the front of the park with a few native plants such as salal, ferns, maybe a vine maple and wood chip mulch. Oscar_Kirkland Parks2Admittedly the entrance to the park is a bit formidable as you look down the stairs and blink as the path disappears into the woods.  Several of you asked for a tour around the ¼ mile path loop just to feel safe before venturing in yourself.  The entrance needs a friendly face to invite those of you who would love to walk the path. Thanks Oscar for cleaning all the Big Leaf Maple leaves off the path-loop, we noticed and you are appreciated. We also noticed that a huge Laurel was removed on the Southeast corner of the loop…what a job it must have been!

Park Entrance LandscapeJanuary Update:  Trees are in and Mulched In January, Oscar planted two 6 foot vine maples and several Salal plants at the park entrance. The timing to transplant these natives in front of the park is perfect.  We talked about the need to mulch them to give them a running chance of surviving the next two summers.  He dropped off a big dump-truck load of wood-chip mulch in front of the newly landscaped park entrance.  I said I would spread the mulch around the trees if he would drop some off.  What a job.  We often get short term droughts here in the Seattle area. By the end of the summer,  lawns can be a solid brown.  Most seasoned gardeners learn after a few summer water bills to move their gardens to drought tolerant plants. Planting native plants without a plan to water or mulch the first couple of years is a game of chance.  The mulch along with watering will help the Salal and Vine Maples survive. Park_Entrance_Mulch

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