Kevin Drops by Taking Photos

kevinMeet Kevin, friend of the park. He dropped by the park during the mapping tour. I’ve watched Kevin capture several different moods in the park. The rain, mist, patchy fog, sunlight, dusk and dawn set the stage for the experience you have while walking the short loop-trail. The smell can be damp and earthy in the winter mist or bright and sweet during our summer droughts. I think cameras capture the appearance of anything you point them at, but having the camera convey what you felt at the time, that’s different. It’s not easy to communicate a feeling through a photograph but it can be done.  Here are few of Kevin’s photos.ivy_trunk_jkstwin_trees_jksForestViewNursingTree

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One Response to Kevin Drops by Taking Photos

  1. Jerry says:

    I was surprised to see such old trees and heavy underbrush. It looks like it belongs in the mountains, not a city park

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