It’s Raining Leaves in the Park

The forest floor is covered in giant Big Leaf Maple Leaves. The rainy, mist shrouded days are here. This is a small park so it is easy to use landmarks to watch the passing of seasons. Just as you come down the steps and round-the-curve you see a Douglas-Fir to the right. It is pock marked with bug holes, missing bark and a few woodpeckers have hammered cavities here and there. This Doug-Fir is probably a 100 years old, I’ll have to ask someone, it just stands its ground at the entrance.  Then there is a grand old Big Leaf Maple to the left on the way down a gentle ravine. I’m from the mid-west and have seen a lot of Maples but this tree, the Big Leaf Maple, is the mother of all Maples. It wears a winter coat moss-festooned with thousands of licource ferns. You have to see it here in the Pacific Northwest to believe it!  The licource ferns are sprouting everywhere in an emerald green, a color that belongs to the earth! Go see the Hoh Rainforest if you have a need for perspective. The Olympic Peninsula Temperate Rainforest is a protected gem.The Pacific Northwest Forests include virgin vegetation, scientifically managed and cut-over or ‘cut-and-run’ forest as transitory forest range. The earth here is stunning!

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2 Responses to It’s Raining Leaves in the Park

  1. Jerry says:

    That was pretty good. I could almost smell the damp air off the forest floor.

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