The October Rain is Welcome!

The Big Leaf Maple leaves are starting to fall and are covering the trail.  I remember Paul Gabrielsen, the original ‘steward’ of the park, said that he spent many hours raking the leaves off the trail. At that time, 10-20 years ago, there were still stones around the 1/4 mile loop. The stones are long gone! The steps are collecting cedar needles and Maple leaves too.

I was on the trail this afternoon and bumped into Steve and his dog. Meet Steve a neighbor and friend of the park.  He is walking his dog Niketa.  Steve has lived in the neighborhood since 1987.  He’s walked the park for the last five years. He said he started out walking “Spooky” who died of old age.  Now he walks “Sammy” who weighs 12 pounds and can’t keep up with the 96 lb Niketa so Steve makes two trips to the park each day.  We are not sure exactly what mix the big black Niketa is but she is very friendly and knows the park.

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