Sign and Stripes Appear at the Park Entrance

The stripes and sign happened so fast.  There is parking in front of the park, it is hard to tell, but there is.  Originally there were three spots.  The old white stripes are barely visible.  The cul de sac in front of the park entrance has no curb or sidewalk.  It is, well, a dead end and it looks it!  The park has two regulated-size parking spaces now and an official “Park Parking” sign.  Thanks City of Kirkland! 

Tracy Fish Kirkland Parks

Tracy Fish Kirkland Parks

Next up will be some landscaping in front of the park.  The Parks Dept will plant natives, maybe Vine Maple, ferns and add wood chips. There is a good possibility that a portion of the blackberries will be removed and a bit of the slope graded so ferns or some native plants can thrive along the back of the short wooden fence.  Shrubs will soften the big concrete utility box.  Right in front of the park along the grassy area water lines run from 124th right down the east side of the hill.

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