Beyond the Park

JoAnn W in Parcels outside the Park

JoAnn W in Parcels outside the Park

Last Friday, neighbor and friend of the park, JoAnn W. along with Jenny Schroder, Director of Kirkland City Parks and Community Services, went on an exploratory hike through open space surrounding Juanita Heights Park. I tagged along. The land around the park is for the most part undeveloped.  We are working on Finn Hill to preserve as much of the remaining canopy and open space as possible.  I’m on a couple of the Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance committees, one of which is taking inventory of Finn Hill open space and undeveloped parcels. On the walk we stopped in our tracks as we looked up at the canopy and watched two majestic Madrona trees swaying. There are trails down to Goat Hill and to the pumping station in Juanita. These are very rough trails and it was eye opening to see the work that neighborhood kids put into carving out cat-walks on the sides of the steep ravines.  It is beautiful inside these woods, huge Douglas-Fir, Red Cedar, Hemlock, Big Leaf Maples and a very well established understory. We spent 2 hours winding our way around the parcels surrounding the park, we’ll see!

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