Taking Sides: The Battle Between the Understory and the Invasive

On a rare sunny April day in the Pacific Northwest  a few invasives lost the battle. Collins Klemm from Kirkland Parks & Community Services worked in the park removing Cherry Laurel and Holly trees. 

Collins Klemm

Collins Klemm

Kudos Kirkland returned to the park with volunteers: Tia Scarce, Rob Butcher and Bob Roller.  We were all introduced to the weed wrench.  What a tool.  Collins showed us how the wrench grabs a tree trunk low to the ground in a vice grip and pulls it and the tap root out of the ground.  Tool of the day for instant gratification!  It works on trunks about 3-4” in diameter. There are two small bars that spread apart to form a vice, the wrench grabs the small trunk, grips, then you pull back. Have a partner in some cases, to stay on your feet.  We left the trees lying to decompose.  There are significant Cherry Laurel trees that will have to be removed on another visit.  The trunks are probably 10” in diameter and 2 stories high, they will have to be sawed, and then according to Collins “we’ll put some poison into the trunks to kill the roots.” It is really the only way to stop the growth. Several very large Laurel and Holly remain because it was too cool this April day to have the chemical work. It was muddy in the park, we’ve had a wet April.  By the way Tia shared she is the new Steward at Watershed Park, congratulations Tia!

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