Spring Groundcover

Skunk Cabbage

Skunk Cabbage

Jan Johnson

Jan Johnson

Jan Johnson, Park Ranger at Juanita Bay and a Native Plant Steward, stopped by the park this week to discover what spring ground cover plants are emerging.  We found many including Skunk Cabbage, Trillium and Bleeding Heart. We were both amazed how much Red Hucklebery there is in this woodland.  We walked off trail to the West quite a bit and discovered one area with Ivy choking two Hemlock trees with vines bigger than a wrist.  It will take a saw to cut through the vines.  The trees are off the West side of the path and between the log and the stream.  Free these trees!  By the way the plant list is updated on the Habitat Quality and Present State page.  We spent some time off the path to the north and south and discovered several swampy – running stream areas. We did see about 6-8 very good size Skunk Cabbage that will burst into yellow flowers by the end of the week.



There is a very nice stream to the south and west sprinkled with a fairly good size patch of Trillium. This is a very shady area so the ivy is not  as established. We’ll set up a patrol zone there. There is very little blackberry in the heart of this woodland. What a break!! We also tagged about 4 extremely large Cherry and Portuguese Laurel as well as a couple of large Holly trees. On May 3rd we will chain-saw out several invasive trees. Kudos Volunteers as well as help from the Parks Dept plan on working in the park from 8-10:00 AM. They’ll haul away the bigger Laurel and Holly.  Some of the trunks are almost 10 inches in circumference, so they are not small!

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