Great Day in the Park – New Additions

Michelle and Tia from Kudos Kirkland in the park planting Vine Maple and OceansprayToday was a lucky day for Juanita Heights Park!! It is discovered by the great Kudos Kirkland Volunteers.  Magical things get done when one or more people say they can make a difference and then follow through!  That is what happened when Michelle Sailor and Rob Butcher the founders started this growing volunteer effort whose mission is: 
“…a campaign to promote the individuals and businesses in our community working to make Kirkland a better place in which to live, work and play. Founded by neighborhood residents, our mission is to encourage good stewardship of our local businesses, parks and neighborhoods…”
Today Kudos Volunteers Michelle Sailor and Tia Scarce pulled ivy and planted Vine Maple and Oceanspray bareroots in the park. Little by little we’ll introduce a strong understory of shrubs into the park and pull the ivy.  Right now the ivy is so thick in most of the park the understory plants are in a full blown battle to seed and survive with this thug.  If you walk the park, please bring a bottle of water to give the new trees a “drink.” Thanks a bunch Kudos Volunteers!Thanks Kudos Volunteers

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