Ivy Vines Decaying on Trees

Ivy Left to Decay on Trees

These trees had Ivy vines cut at chest level then the Ivy was cleared 6ft around each trunk. The vines will eventually rot and disintegrate. It takes 2-3 years for the leaves to turn brown and fall off and another 3-10 years for the vines to disintegrate depending upon the diameter of the Ivy stem. Ivy is an evergreen producing leaves all year round. On the forest floor the shade keeps the light levels low, reducing photosynthesis making pollination and seed dispersal difficult. Ivy needs to establish itself as high as possible within the canopy. Once located around the trunk of a tree, little light reaches the tree bark minimizing activation of any dormant tree buds. This is a bigger problem when Ivy grows into a tree’s crown and prevents the development of new and existing buds. Buds produce leaves and leaves produce food for the tree through photosynthesis, without adequate supplies of food the tree starts to suffer. When you walk through this park you’ll see piles of ivy drying out in various stages of decomposition. You can help by pulling up a handful of this stuff, yank it out and toss it on one of the Ivy piles you see.

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