Ivy in the Park

Paul G. a neighbor cleared the English Ivy off the path during his 20 years as volunteer caretaker-steward. About 7-10 years ago, because of his health, he couldn’t keep up the almost daily work. As a result, the ivy really took off climbing up trees, crawling and winding its way along the ground. In May 2009 I made a call to King Cty Parks and Rec asking if they knew of any volunteers who would come help pull ivy off the trees. What a bonanza!! On May 8th Kathleen R. from King Cty arranged to have about 80 9th graders from the Seattle Northwest School work for a couple of hours clearing ivy out of the park. Imagine: Three yellow school buses pulling up to this diminutive park. Kids swarming the area. There were chaperons, tools, large bags for ivy and the park people. After about three hours these kids tore down massive ankle size ivy vines from a lot of trees. Huge piles of ivy were stacked along the path. Ivy is wimpy on the ground. It doesn’t put up much of a struggle. But it is a significant challenge when allowed to become huge vines suffocating trees. The Cty came in after a couple of months and hauled most of the ivy out in two large dump trucks. This has made a big difference in managing the ivy in the park.

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