Party in the Park Sunday June 24

Pictures from the Neighborhood Juanita Heights Party in the Park Sunday June 24



Paul Wu sharing a few thoughts

From the Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance:

Dear Finn Hill neighbors and friends:

This is just a reminder that we’re having a party on Sunday, June 24, from 3-4pm
at the cul de sac of 89th Place on Goat Hill. We’re celebrating two recent acquisitions of property that expand Juanita Heights Park on eastern Finn Hill by nearly 5 acres – and move us another step closer to creating our Billy Goat Trail from the top of the hill to Juanita Beach. You are invited!

King County Council member Rod Dembowski and several Kirkland City Council members – all of whom made these land purchases possible – will join us. We’ll have free ice cream and lead tours into the new areas of the park. Stop by to hear how we plan to create a Green Loop of parks around Finn Hill. Learn how you can help.

You can get to the party by driving up Goat Hill (near the pump station across Juanita Drive, about a block west of Juanita Beach Park). It’s a narrow road to the top – so drive with care. OR you can take a nice 10 minute hike from the trailheads on 124th and 89th Place on the north side of the park. See map below. The trails are marked. They’re hilly but not super steep and the woods are beautiful.
The party is at the cul de sac of 89th Place on the south side of the park. Trailheads are on the north side – see arrows pointing to the 124th Street cul de sac (future main entrance to park) and the 89th Place cul de sac (on north side). Follow trail markers to the event.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow afternoon!

Board of Directors
Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance

Kirkland Reporter article on Party in the Park

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City Council Approves Purchase of 2 Parcels

At the City of Kirkland June 5, 2018 council meeting a motion to approve the purchase and sale agreement for the Richter parcels was made. There are three parcels in the middle of the park that are privately owned.  The city approved the purchase of two of those parcels. The following is from the June 5th city council minutes:


Resolution R-5320, Authorizing the City Manager to Execute a Real Property Purchase and Sale Agreement for Acquisition of Property to Expand Juanita Heights Park.

Parks and Community Services Director Lynn Zwaagstra provided a presentation reviewing the funding and purchase proposal.

Moved by Councilmember Jon Pascal, seconded by Councilmember Penny Sweet

Vote: Motion carried 6-0
Yes: Deputy Mayor Jay Arnold, Councilmember Dave Asher, Councilmember Toby Nixon, Councilmember Jon Pascal, Councilmember Penny Sweet, and Mayor Amy Walen.

Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance webpost  below image hows the acquisition indicating “next purchase”



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4.1 Acres Added to Juanita Heights Park

Protecting open space from future development was the priority of City Council members when they voted at their February 6 meeting to purchase 4.1 acres of land for $620,000, to nearly double the size of Juanita Heights Park. The added 4.1 acres consists of undeveloped and forested open space, and contains informal trails connecting to the trail system within the existing park. Expansion of Juanita Heights Park has been part of a discussion on a comprehensive park acquisition plan in order to preserve and protect the existing forest, and is identified in the City’s adopted Parks, Recreation, and Open Space (PROS) Plan. read more Kirkland Views

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Annual After Thanksgiving Planting Party

john group shot nov 2017 workparty (2)The rain held off! The youngest was three,  we planted 101 natives near the entrance way and in the park’s meadow.  27 volunteers chose to spend their Saturday morning planting Douglas Fir, Cedar, Hemlock, Elderberry, Indian Plum and many ground covers. It was rewarding to look back when leaving and know we planted something small today that may grow to 150 feet long after we leave!  We are huddling  around the green flags where we planted a small 6 inch cedar we named Chief Seattle. Volunteers are holding Chief Seattle quotes they read to settle the tree securely. “Man does not weave this web of life. He is merely a strand of it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself….Humans merely share the earth. We can only protect the land, not own it.”

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Annual after Thanksgiving Workparty Volunteer Saturday, November 25, 2017

Here we go again, planting 101 plants this fall into Juanita Heights Park.  Come join us in planting native trees, shrubs and ground cover in the park.  Every year we add 100 native plants to areas that were cleared of invasives.  If you have never visited this gem of a park, come join neighbors in helping this Saturday, November 25.


9:00 AM – 11:00 AM
12408 89th Pl. NE
Kirkland, WA

More information and sign up on the Green Kirkland Partnership Volunteer site

Juanita Heights work party 4-25-2015

The earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the earth. All things are connected, like the blood that unites one family. This we know.   Chief Seattle

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Kids Mulch the old A-Frame home area

Today under a brilliant sunny October sky students from the Environmental and Adventure School (EAS) returned to the park to work. Two years ago the city sold and removed the old A-Frame house situated near the NE 124th St park entrance.  After the maintenance crew added fill and graded the area, the weeds grew and the dirt dried out over the summer.  We needed to add mulch to this side of the hillside where the house was located.  A lot of mulch! We love having the EAS kids in the park.  The school is close so they walk over and spend about 3 hours.  Thank you EAS!

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RootMetrics volunteers move a mountain of mulch

Thanks to Jeremy, the Green Kirkland Partnership Steward Coordinator for leading the RootMetrics volunteers today as they spread over 5 yards of mulch over 4,000 sq ft in the park.  This past Earth Day about 30 volunteers cleared away a massive amount of blackberries from this area.  We would like to get mulch over it before the rains come and before the planting restoration takes place.  Thank you RootMetrics and Jeremy!work party august 11, 2017WP_20170811_16_30_41_Raw

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